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We are developing a world leading Nanoscience and Nanotechnology international community, attracting the best research talent, fostering entrepreneurship in an exciting international context, and contributing to the general socioeconomic strength based on Nanotechnology and related benefits for all member countries.

INL recruits bright minds from all over the world.

The goal of our recruitment process is to ensure that applicants are employed on the basis of skills and requirements for the job and that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between INL’s expectations and the applicant professional and personal development.

We value the diversity and multiculturalism of our teams.

In addition, our family-friendly working practices and benefits are a great asset and an essential element in cultivating an attractive and inspiring workplace.

Ashok Patel

Research Fellow, Life Sciences Department

At INL we have a unique amalgamation of high quality research and cordial work relationships, which together create a very inspiring environment. It might sound cliché, but I honestly look forward to going to work every morning at INL. The employees’ expertise is as diverse as the number of nationalities represented at INL.

I really appreciate the opportunity I have to work at a place with state-of-the-art infrastructure. All the instruments/equipments are brand new and fully functional, this is quite a refreshing change compared to the old and rusty instruments we had at my previous job at the University. When I walk through the INL doors, I feel like a kid entering a candy store.

After having spent some time working in other European countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, and within diverse sectors such as a Fortune 500 company and Universities, I can honestly say that this is the best place in Europe for innovators and creators to work.

INL has a very fostering environment. There is a clear career path and top management is quite supportive in providing the necessary guidance to young researchers. Moreover, as my work is focused on creating innovative solutions to solve industrial problems, INL provides me with ample opportunities to network with the most important stakeholders in the industry and innovation centers. I believe this interaction will continue to open-up new opportunities for my career growth both within, as well as outside INL.

José Rodrigues

Research Engineer, Department of Micro and Nanofabrication

I use the following principles on my day-to-day work at INL: commitment, sharing, learning and growth. I’m am fully committed with Science and with INL interests and by sharing my knowledge I was able to grab and involve INL’s partners in our work. Acting this way led to new learnings, new experiences and increased my personal growth.

In my work I enjoy the diversity: people, activities and projects. INL is an organization where we can find people from all over the world and it is great how this plurality works so good. Every day we have different activities and projects that really challenge ourselves.

Take the opportunity! Join INL and face the future of technology and science. At INL you can build your own success and you will have a great infrastructure behind you to reach your goal. We are here to support your dream.

INL is an well established organization which attracts the best Researchers from different places of the world. Working with the best offers me the opportunity to easily achieve my career goals. And, since I am here my career goals changed to a much higher level due to the great technological and critic mass environment available.

Lorena Diéguez 

Staff Researcher, Department of Life Sciences

Dynamic, innovative, challenging, multidisciplinary, collaborative.

Every day is filled with new challenges, collaborating with internal and external professionals to achieve high multidisciplinary goals at the forefront of innovation.

We are given the freedom and the encouragement to take our work and our research out into the real world. I really feel we are creating change and that we can truly make a difference.

INL is not a regular research institute performing academic research, this is the place where open innovation in nanotechnology can happen and you can make it happen too.

INL has the most outstanding technology available and the most unique infrastructures, so you can accomplish your career and project goals. As an international laboratory, collaboration is open to any part of the world.

Marisa Passos

Research Fellow, Department of Life Sciences

Hard-working. INL is equipped with high-tech state-of-the-art research facilities that stimulate a hard-working aptitude, fostering the development and collaborative work for the discovery of new knowledge and the creation of societal value and wealth, all within a multidisciplinary and teamwork oriented environment.

The unknown. Scientific discovery derives from successful and continuous inquiry and discussion. Open questions commonly arise from expected known and unknown investigation. For example, scientists know that the result obtained will be within a range of possibilities, but sometimes the result is completely unexpected. This unknown data is a continuous driving tool for the improvement of scientific knowledge. This challenging context is what fascinates me the most in science.

Commitment is the attitude to pursue. INL provides advanced tools and is engaged in promoting a collaborative international and teamwork environment to their scientists, which facilitates scientific investigation, meaning the commitment to overall success is a simplified process.

By providing high-tech state-of-the-art research facilities, an appropriate level of research funds, encouraging an international multidisciplinary and collaborative environment, and an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude, fostering personal career development.